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Bill Davis

Bill Davis holds a B.A. degree with majors in business and psychology. He worked full time while completing his formal education, and he has served in the military. Immediately after graduation Bill began a sales career, which spans over 30 years, touting high-level positions with technology companies such as IBM, Xerox and Sun Microsystems. He has started and owned successful businesses in the services and real estate sectors. He continued his quest for knowledge and wisdom resulting in his exceeding his financial goals and career aspirations. During his career, Bill played a key role in approximately $100 million dollars of transactions. In addition to his financial success, he compiled many successful years of experience in coaching individuals and businesses.

In 1999 Bill "retired" from the corporate world at 48 years of age, highly successful but burned out. He invested two years seeking new meaning and purpose. After much soul-searching, he defined his ultimate mission: to directly help one million people find their God-given purpose. In 2001 he joined his wife in her EcoQuest home-based business and took the organization to whole new level.

As a result of helping others gain financial success and life direction, Bill created the My Daily DirectorTM system - an effective group of tools to assist those who want a balanced and meaningful life by their own design. This unique process focuses on the benefits of experiencing life through priority management.

Bill enjoys a significant life by following his own system, of putting and keeping his priorities in the proper order. He invests most of his productive hours coaching and consulting business owners, and managing his real estate portfolio. Performance cars capture his attention but long bike rides and pleasure boating with his wife and friends are his leisure activities.

Bill has traveled the world, yet has chosen to return to his roots and calls the Midwest "home". He is married to the love of his life, Kelly, and has one son, Stephen. He and his wife are also involved in ministry, having founded Glory to God Ministries, an organization designed to strengthen and equip Christian leaders through the principles of Living In Faith Everyday.

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